Monday, January 25, 2010

ALERT - Attempted Breakins while residents are home

There are new break ins in our neighborhood and we must ever be alert to stop these brazen criminals. This past Sunday, broad daylight break-ins at busy Loch Dr and Briarcliffe Rd.

Sunday evening, while the residents were at home, someone tried to break in a home on Oakland Drive. Their alarm was on so the person left but the police were called. Also there were a bunch of police cars on Tangle earlier Sunday evening, so sometimes these folks try to hit multiple places at once. If you are so inclined when you read this call one or two of your neighbors and alert them.

Additionally, this weekend a dark blue Honda Accord (4 door) with a license plate beginning with Z was seen trolling on Briarcliffe Court and Briarcliffe Rd. (Briarcliffe Court is behind the pool, off Briarcliffe). An alert neighbor noticed and called the police who came quickly.

There is some thought that persons on motor scooters/mopeds etc still may be cruising the neighborhood and looking for houses where no one is at home and they kick in a door and go in and fill up their back packs with computers, digital cameras, jewelry, etc. So if you see any scooters/mopeds take good notice of the type, license tag etc and jot it down. If they appear suspicious or are stopped in a driveway where you know they do NOT live, call the non emergency number and report it (773-7700). Take down as much identifying information as is possible.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Break-in Alert

There has been a break in this past week on the corner of Briarcliffe and Loch. There is some concern that young people on mopeds or scooters are going around and breaking in and taking whatever they can put into their back packs. Several neighbors have seen a nicely dressed (shirt/tie) young African American male on a scooter (red, white, blue with the words Peace on it) sitting in a driveway twice this past week. He was on Loch Drive up from the lake on the left and talking on his phone. Also, another young African American male on a black scooter with silver trim has been spotted cruisng through the neighborhood, entering and exiting Tangle Road from Valley Road. Someone has seen this specific scooter coming from the area at the other end of Valley Road, where it crosses Old Yadkinville Road, across from the Wilco Hess station that sits at the corner of Valley and Old Yadkinville Road. These could be the same person, or they could be working together.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Emergency Block Captain Meeting

Sunday Afternoon, January 3,

At the Home of:
Catherine Jourdan
3131 Waterford Road
(336) 725-7304

Hello Block Captains,

We are calling an emergency Block Captain meeting to discuss action we might be able to take in detecting these crooks who are breaking into people's homes and are now targeting Town and Country.
There will be a police officer in attendance to help us and of course our own Ronnie Abernathy will be there and assist us in coming up with a plan for patrolling our neighborhood and increasing our vigilance in watching for this teal blue car and any other unusual activity. The meeting will be held at the home of:
Catherine Jourdan
3131 Waterford Road
(336) 725-7304

Please RSVP by emailing Catherine Jourdan to let her know if you have received her emails and if you can come.

Catherine Jourdan, Watch Captain
Town and Country Neighbhorhood Watch 156
3131 Waterford Road
(336) 725-7304