Friday, May 2, 2008

Important Information

Welcome neighbors! Welcome to the home of the Town & Country Neighborhood Watch. We welcome new residents and encourage you to attend our meetings. We strive to have a variety of speakers to provide you information on various topics.

If you would like more information on our Neighborhood Watch program or would simply like to join us in keeping our neighborhood safe, please contact your block captain:

Watch Captain:
Catherine Jourdan, Waterford Rd
(336) 725-7304

Watch Co-Captain:
Grace Renna, Loch Dr.
(336) 659-9187

Block Captains:
Belwick Drive:
Ana Tampana & Robert Reister
(336) 768-9992/336-765-2885

Briarcliff Road (Kingston to Wedgefield):
Helen Akinc- Captain
(336) 725-4147

Peggy Piazza, Co-Captain
(336) 725-3939

Loch Drive:
(Waterford - Ransom)
Grace Renna
(336) 659-9187

Loch Drive: (Briarcliff- Reynolda)
Bob Conn
(336) 777-1723

Waterford Road:
Andy & Heidi Kraft
(336) 403-0119 / 407-7881

Chancel Brown
(336) 723-3894

Wicklow Road:
Linda Hinshaw
(336) 768-6745

Shannon Drive:
Block Captain:
Bill Chambers
(336) 768-7612

Communications Liason for Shannon:

Karlynn Morgan

Oakland Drive:
Hans & Britt Mittemeijer
(336) 765-8989

Oakland Drive (cul de sac):
Sally & Mike Mercer
(336) 760-2153

Kingston Drive:
Ronnie Abernathy, Captain
(336) 773-7863

Tammy Byrd (co-captain)
(336) 765-0959

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