Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Our New Blog Site is Up & Running!

Please check it out at Town Country Watch Update!

Welcome to our new Town & Country Neighborhood Watch blog site!

If you have any ideas, tips, or would like a blog of your own posted, please submit it to Authors Needed! We will check weekly for new posting requests.

In the summer of 2007 there was a meeting to explore the possibility of forming a Neighborhood Watch group in Town and Country. Because a Watch group should not consist of more than 100 homes, our neighborhood was divided into sections and each section began the process of establishing a Watch program. We are part of Neighborhood Watch group #156 and we consist of the section of Town and Country from Kingston Rd by the pool toward Reynolda Rd and Ransom Rd. We are a new but strong program, seeking to make our neighborhood safer and more connected and we will work to help the rest of Town and Country form an equally strong program.

We hope you will check this site routinely for updates or to post information related to neighborhood safety that would be of interest to our residents.

Catherine Jourdan,
Watch Captain T & C NW #156

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