Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Neighborhood Watch Meeting Update!

Our Neighborhood Watch Meeting was Monday, June 2. We had a great turn-out and our neighborhood was well represented. Several topics were up for discussion and we all learned quite a bit. Special thanks goes out to the following folks who helped to make our meeting a success:

Kemona McCarter, Neighborhood Assistant Specialist
Kemona's responsibility is to make it easy to deal with city government – whether you need a pothole fixed, or a street light replaced, or have an issue with the way the city is doing something. She is a veteran city employee & knows the ins and outs of city government. Her job is to resolve issues, not just be a referral service. She will take your question, get an answer and get back to you. And rumor has it she is quick, too! If the issue is beyond the scope of city government, she’ll put you on the right track.

Officer Pritchard, Neighborhood Watch Officer
Officer Pritchard offfered great advice on home safety and preventative tips. Here are a few of his suggestions:
Home Safety
• Pay attention to suspicious activity in your neighborhood
• Keep your house locked, even when you are at home (especially out in the yard)
• Keep the bushes trimmed to 3 feet or less
• Lock all windows
• Hide valuables in less obvious places
• Don't have objects lying around your house that can be used as tools to break in with

Driving/Car Safety
• Keep your cell phone charged, you never know when you will need it
• Keep you car doors locked at all times, especially while driving
• When walking to your car, have your keys ready
• Be alert, pay attention to your surroundings
• Follow your instincts. Better to be safe than sorry
• Stay in well-lit areas. Park your car near or under a light
• Be hyper-sensitive at ATM machines. Try to avoid them at night
• Don't go home if you're being followed. Go to a store, gas station or somewhere with lots of people.

Also in attendance was Captain Best, Precinct Captain and Detective Livingston who both talked about crime stats and ideas.

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